2014 Road Events

Tour of Trinidad, Sept. 6
12 mile, 28 mile, 65 mile


Tour of the Unknown Coast, May 10

2014 Cyclocross Events

Bogg Stomp, November

Stomach Churn, December


Come and join racers from around the
globe to race for the title of
World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Champion.


Since 2002 we've hosted mountain bike endurance races on the world class trails of the Weaver Basin Trail System. These events have been riders' favorites thanks to a 12 mile course that boasts 1600' of climbing per lap. The first 3 miles is a fireroad climb, followed by a mile of mostly level and then the rest is fun, flowy, mostly downhill singletrack. Work is nearly completed on resurrecting yet another section of historic trail. This 3/4 mile of singletrack will be added to the 2015 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour MTB Championship course.

Over a hundred and sixty years ago teams of Chinese laborers working with hand-tools dug the ditches and flumes that supplied water to the high-pressure hydraulic mining nozzles. Engineers had charted the ditches' routes down the mountain to follow the contours of the land to maximize the length of the ditches to give the them the greatest volume and water pressure. What those engineers and laborers didn't know, was that they were also carving what would later become fantastic mountain bike trails.

Much of the 12-mile course is on singletrack trails following those historic ditch routes. Their gentle down-slope, sweeping curves and narrow width make these sections some of the most fun mountain bike trails imaginable.
The route starts at an elevation of 2,135 feet and in three miles of fireroad climbing maxes out at 3,476 feet. Riders then get about a mile of level fireroad (and a perfect opportunity to recover, hydrate and eat) before descending down nearly seven continuous miles of singletrack on the return ride to the start/finish. Fun!



Weaverville Nine to Five
October 18

Four Hours of Weaverville
October 18

LaGrange Fall Classic XC
November 1

8 Hours of Humboldt
4 Hours of Humboldt
August 23